Summer camps

Summer camps in Prades

"Our way of teaching English makes learning fun!"

English Summer Prades, a summer camp that combines the learning of English with native teachers and multiactivity. More than 37,000 students have been in our summer camps for 39 years that we have organized.

Are you ready to live an exclusive summer, full of adventure and unforgettable experiences? We are aware of our role and responsibilities, because we are committed from the beginning to provide all the clients (students and, above all, parents) maximum levels of trust, quality and safety,

Schools dedicated to students and their families.

The courses are based on teaching English, but not forgetting that we are in summer, a time when children and adolescents should have fun, play and enjoy the outdoors. Each morning, students go to class and do 4 hours of English classes taught by native teachers.

In the afternoon, they perform multiple activities such as sports, games, pool / beach, crafts, outdoor activities and every night a different party. While the weekend the program changes and performs other types of activities as well as optional excursions, such as Port Aventura.

This summer camp for English and multiple activities is run by native teachers and graduate monitors chosen for their charisma and enthusiasm that make children enjoy an unforgettable experience and feel like in their own home.

In addition, we like to take care of the families. That's why we have different technological tools that allow families to verify how their children are in summer camps: blog posts, daily photographs, social network communications, 24-hour assistance, iPhone and Android applications ...

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